Parsian ready to host mining industries

Parsian Special Economic Energy Zone, as one of the energy industry sites, is planning to host great mining industries by providing infrastructure.
Thanks to the proximity to the world’s energy capital, Asaluyeh, it has favorable conditions for development and investment. One of the undertaken projects by Parsian is to provide proper conditions for building a separate port with the cooperation of foreign investors.


Comprehensive plan
The comprehensive plan of the area was approved in 2009 aiming to establish energy intensive industries. According to the last review in 2015, the target was set to create production capacity for steel (4 million tonnes), aluminum (600,000 tonnes), alumina (3 million tonnes) and petrochemicals (18 million tonnes). Likewise, generation of 4300 MW electricity was taken in to account.

Some essential permits such as initial approval of the Environmental Protection Agency to create the region, the Oil Ministry’s initial agreement for supplying 20 MCM natural gas per day, the preliminary approval of Ports & Maritime Organization on the construction of the Parsian port as well as agreement of Islamic Republic Customs on the establishment of customs in the region are obtained.
In addition, some permits are in progress including environmental permits of the port, authorized marine border license from the Ministry of Interior and a permit to build a separate port from Ports & Maritime Organization.
Moreover, executive operations of some infrastructure projects were undertaken including construction of more than 90% of the customs area fence, building 10 km 2-lane paved road on south site to connect south and north sites, construction of 14,5 km two-lane paved road on the north site to access petrochemical and steel sites and connect the north and south sites (Parsian Port) with physical progress of 60%, construction of water network with physical progress of 40%, construction of power grid (20 kV double-circuit power line) with an approximate length of 19 km and physical progress of 30%, tender invitation for customs building, design and preparation of tender documents for completion of power transmission line used in the construction period, employing  a contractor for construction of power transmission line ,with a length of 800 meters, from the port to the South Aluminum Warehouse , purchasing 4 MW power split, as well as water split at a rate of 30 liters per second used in the construction period.

Parsian Port Design
According to the Director of Parsian Special Economic Energy Zone, Hassan Shahrokhi, documents are prepared to hold a public international tender and the massive project is ready for the event.
“Start-up phase of the port includes 1500 meters of main breakwater, 4 berths for public goods and dry and liquid bulk with 1,080 meters, 560 meters extraction dike and dredging to a depth of -15.4 meters compared to the CD. Thus loading and unloading about 9 million tpy goods will be feasible,” he added.
Meanwhile, negotiation with clients seeking investment in the project is in progress with companies such as DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, China Harbour, as well as Olam International.
Likewise, some essential measures are undertaken based on the action plan and an agreement is reached between IMIDRO and POSCO DAEWOO CORPORATION.

Investment Applicants
Shahrokhi further pointed out that since the second quarter of 2014 (beginning of the Iranian calendar year) some actions are undertaken in favor of investors.
According to him, 1100 hectares of northern land of the zone has been allocated to set up 18 million tonnes petrochemical plants. Subsequently, 4 pieces of land have been granted to investment applicants active in the field of petrochemical industry.
A great number of investors including multinational companies such as Indorama Ventures, Pak Sabz Parsian Petrochemical, San’at Va Ma’dan (Industries and Mines) Investment Company, France’s Total Company, Germany’s BASF Company, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding and others expressed interest in investment.