Airbus, Total, Renault, Peugeot and now Gide are brands that have entered, re-entered or re-engaged the Iranian market over the past two years since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with remarkable speed. Observers are of the view that the domestic market of 80 million people and surrounding Middle East and Central Asian market of about 400 million inhabitants is a considerable opportunity that should be taken seriously.

Vice President of Financial and Economic Affairs of Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC), Morteza Ali Akbari, announced the company’s plans for portfolio diversification.
“The value of the MMDIC portfolio is about 66,000 billion Rials. Given the portfolio’s focus on investing in the mining sector (iron ore) and metals (steel), there has been a decline due to the recession in recent years. So, we are determined to invest in other sectors and reduce the risk of investment,” he revealed.
According to him, the major investment of the company was in copper and steel. In the mining sector, the main investment was allocated to the iron ore mines as well as coking. MMDIC has recently invested in lead and zinc mines as well.
“To reduce the risk of investment, we have entered into the sectors required by the industry such as clean energy, electricity and combined transport. Currently, there is a relative recession in the industry, but we will face a shortage of electricity following the economic boom. So, investing in this sector will bring in considerable revenue because electricity is one of the basic needs of the industry,” Ali Akbari noted.

Dr. Kazem Moradi Harsini
CEO of Zamin Ph.P Co.

Due to the continued plunge in global oil prices, the Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-2020) has identified five main sectors, namely, manufacturing, logistics, fisheries, tourism and mining for accelerated growth potential and its contribution to the Sultanate of Oman GDP. In the backdrop of such a scenario, the government of Oman will have to work in a substantial fiscal fillip to help rekindle economic momentum. One of the identified core areas for driving growth in the long-term and assisting the government in its economic diversification strategy is mining.

Mohsen Bazar Noy, the Financial and Economic Deputy of the National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (NICICO) said that the
company’s export condition is favored because a part of financial needs of the projects are met via foreign sales.
According to him, the company has a high number of projects,some of which are waiting for the providers and defining the required
He also announced that Sarcheshmeh Copper Smelting Plant will be launched with a new system in the coming months.


The volume of trade in the industrial hall of Iran Mercantile Exchange(IME) in the first season of Iranian calendar year (March 20 to June 20, 2017) reached more than 1.632mt of all kinds of metal and mineral products, valued at more than $1.191bn.
The IME has recently signed a contract with SAIPA and offering automobiles has created a variety of traded products.
Cerato (Kia Motors), made in Iran, was offered and traded in IME.
Despite the market slump in various areas of the Iranian economy, the IME has tried to defeat the stagnation by accepting and offering different types of products.


More than 33mt commodities, worth over $25bn, were traded on physical markets of Iran Mercantile Exchange.
The volume was traded in cash and credit and on financial markets of the exchange within the framework of futures contracts, standard parallel SALAM contracts and Certificate of Depositary Receipts (CDRs), experiencing a growth of 26% in terms of trade volume and a growth of 73% in terms of trade value compared to the same period of previous year, MNA reported.

IME’s financial market worth over $13bn
In the last Iranian calendar year (March 2016-17), the value of IME’s financial markets including derivatives markets, standard parallel SALAM contracts and Certificate of Depositary Receipts (CDRs) experienced a growth of 157% compared to the same period in the preceding year.
The derivatives market of IME played host to trading more than 3,245,000 gold coin futures contracts with over IRR 390,000bn($12.1bn) trade value indicating a growth of 91% and 134% in trade volume and value, respectively. Furthermore, 42,852 options contracts, worth more than IRR503bn ($15.7bn), were traded on the same market.