$9bn Investment in Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone

CEO of PGSEZ, Hassan Khalaj Tehrani, announced that establishment of more than 29 investment companies in Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone as well as attracting more than $9bn investment have distinguished the Zone from other production areas.
“The Zone, with an area of approximately 5,000 hectares, is geographically divided into four sites, including Southern, Middle, Northern, and Development. 2,000 hectares of the area is in operation, and investment companies are currently implementing the desired projects. We also prepare the infrastructure for the other 3000 hectares,” he said.

Signaling the advantages of the Zone, he said “ Access to open seas and numerous desalination plants, proximity to Shahid Rajaee Port as the largest commercial port in the economic capital of Iran, rail terminals and easy access to the country’s mines, rich iron ore mines near the province, proximity to the 1200 megawatt power plant of this city, and oil refineries are among the advantages of this Special Economic Zone”.
“Having a dedicated railway with two lines inside the Zone, connection with the national railway lines, 20km of highway to the Bandar Abbas International Airport and Shahid Bahonar Harbor, and 5km of highway to the Shahid Rajaee Port are among the vital infrastructure for the development of production, export, and import of bulk materials and petrochemicals in this complex,” he said referring to other capacities of the Zone.
Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone is located near the city of Bandar Abbas and on the way to Shahid Rajaee Port. In the Zone, there are dozens of industrial and processing units in the field of mineral and metal industry, including several large steel and aluminum plants.