2nd Iran Mines & Mining Industries Summit (IMIS2) will be held in favorable conditions for economic activists as according to global media and institutions, Iran’s economy is opening up a new horizon in the post-sanctions era.
The well-established event is started with the active participation of international companies and institutions. Meanwhile, successful company managers are improving the status of their companies in Iran’s economy. The economy is supposed to expand relations in the fields of finance, insurance, services, manufacture and business all over the world.
Earlier, McKinsey & Company published a detailed report looking at the world economic activists and suggested Iran as a booming market for foreign partners.
Likewise, a part of the report dealt with the mining sector and put an emphasis on the exploration, production, financial services, business and investment opportunities in upstream and downstream industries. Having access to raw materials, energy, as well as a wide-ranging market for more than 300 million people in the neighborhood of Iran are noted as considerable advantages to investors.
In IMIS2, the Minister of Economy, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, the Governor of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Chairman of IMIDRO, CEOs of Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ports and Maritime Organization and National Iranian Gas Company are present as Iranian speakers, while the CEOs of SMS Group, JSC EXIAR and Vice President of Outotec will introduce their companies and give talks on their cooperation with Iran as foreign speakers.