Iran to hold first summit on mining technology

Tehran will host the first Iran Mining Technology Summit on July11-12, 2017 in Persian Gulf Espinas Hotel, Tehran. The international event aims to present the opportunities and challenges of the Iranian mining sector following the lift of sanctions. Considering 57bnt probable, as well as 37bnt proved reserves, almost untapped, Iran’s mines are in a favored situation.



Presetting smart technology and IT infrastructure in a competitive situation, challenges of undertaking large-scale automation projects, innovation in mining, commercialization, as well as adaptation to new technologies are among the topics to be discussed at the summit.
Mohammad Reza Bahraman, Head of Iran’s Mine House, Shams al-Din Siasi Rad, Director of Research and Technology (IMIDRO), Andre Booyzen, General Manager of Mandalay Resources, Michael Pope, Maintenance Planner of Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL), as well as Steve Amor, former expert in IT development in Anglo American will give speeches.
On the first day of the summit, opportunities and ahead projects of Iran in areas such as granting environmental permits, potentials to improve efficiency, excavation technologies and fully automatic mining, the value of minerals and geological technologies, as well as implementation of mineral processing techniques will be addressed.
On the second day, the achievements in productivity and transition from traditional mining, mining accident prevention, integration of systems and processes, relations between research and development centers to reach new and advanced technologies will be discussed.
A panel of experts will discuss issues including global leaders and investing in Iran’s mining market: challenges, risks, and opportunities.