2017 Iran ConMin exhibition

This November, there are two opportunities to strengthen the cooperation of Iranian companies with foreign partners. Iran ConMin exhibition and Iran IMARC conference take the opportunities recently created for the Iranian economy to pursue its goals.
Tehran hosts the Iran ConMin exhibition November 4-7. The thirteenth session of the exhibition will be inaugurated with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade. It seems that this event will be different due to the interest of European and Asian banks in strengthening cooperation with Iran. Since four years ago when the government of Iran has opened a new path to domestic and foreign companies, the financing problem has always been one of the significant challenges. However, with the development of banking relationships since September, economic managers are more optimist about promoting cooperation. Thus, holding exhibitions is one of the reliable means to strengthen ties.

On the other hand, Iran Mine House presents Iran ConMin as the most extensive exhibition in the field of mine in Iran, which is a place for convergence of domestic and foreign stakeholders.
On the second day of the exhibition (November 5th), four specialized panels will be held as follows:

1-Environmental Section: with the presence of Isa Kalantari, Vice President and Head of the Department
   of Environment, as well as Jafar Sarghini, Deputy Minister of Mining and Mineral Industries.
2-Strategies for the Development of Mines: with the presence of Mehdi Karbassian, Deputy Minister
   and President of IMIDRO.
3- Investment and Finance: with the presence of Masoud Khansari, Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce.
4- Steel Chain Strategy Outlook 2025: with the presence of Bahram Sobhani, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Co.