IMT;First step to recognize Iran’s mining market

The first Iran Mining Technology Summit (IMT) and its side exhibition were an opportunity to connect domestic and foreign companies to get
familiar with the opportunities created by mine development plans in the field of technology.
According to the lecturers of the summit, issues such as the reduction of open pit reserves,the extraction of rare elements, the increase
in production and energy efficiency, and the modernization of machinery are to be addressed in Iran.
Also, the types of contracts, the bankable feasibilities, as well as the use of modern tools for financing and investment in the development
of mining sector in Iran are to be updated by the knowledge of the day.

Foreign companies

  • First of all, Iran’s mines require software and hardware changes as an infrastructure measure
  • There is no detailed information on the needs, and more communication is necessary to
    complete the data
  • The partners inside Iran have not yet been adequately identified which requires more

Iranian companies and authorities

  • Foreign companies are mainly sales-oriented while the success requires long-term presence
    and technology transfer
  • Iran’s mines are of diverse demands, and separate summits can be held for each section
  • There is no tendency to use old technology, and now that the sanctions are lifted, the
    cooperation of foreign companies in different sectors can be increased

Others also emphasized that an approach to enhance mutual communication is to have a real understanding (not as some American politicians say) of the position and opportunities of the Iranian market. During the event, it was heard that the managers of the foreign companies had developed a plan to boost relationships with the Iranian mining sector and are identifying the potentials of the market. So, they will take new steps in the coming months through appointing and dispatching their representatives to Iran.