Annual Mines and Mining Industries Exhibition & Conference (Minex), as one of the most significant events in Iran mining industry, was held 10-12 October 2017.
The event was the host of a great number of local and overseas mine owners, the owners of mass-scale mining industries, manufacturers, as well as the providers of technical, engineering and finance services.

The 4th Iran IMARC conference, held annually in the city of Melbourne, Australia, will be held from October 30 to November 2. In this mineral event, ministers, deputies, and directors of 60 countries from all over the world are present. It is also expected that more than 150 companies and 3,000 experts and researchers will attend the IMARC 2017.

This November, there are two opportunities to strengthen the cooperation of Iranian companies with foreign partners. Iran ConMin exhibition and Iran IMARC conference take the opportunities recently created for the Iranian economy to pursue its goals.
Tehran hosts the Iran ConMin exhibition November 4-7. The thirteenth session of the exhibition will be inaugurated with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade. It seems that this event will be different due to the interest of European and Asian banks in strengthening cooperation with Iran. Since four years ago when the government of Iran has opened a new path to domestic and foreign companies, the financing problem has always been one of the significant challenges. However, with the development of banking relationships since September, economic managers are more optimist about promoting cooperation. Thus, holding exhibitions is one of the reliable means to strengthen ties.

The first Iran Mining Technology Summit (IMT) and its side exhibition were an opportunity to connect domestic and foreign companies to get
familiar with the opportunities created by mine development plans in the field of technology.
According to the lecturers of the summit, issues such as the reduction of open pit reserves,the extraction of rare elements, the increase
in production and energy efficiency, and the modernization of machinery are to be addressed in Iran.
Also, the types of contracts, the bankable feasibilities, as well as the use of modern tools for financing and investment in the development
of mining sector in Iran are to be updated by the knowledge of the day.

2nd Iran Mines & Mining Industries Summit (IMIS2) provided the managers of international companies with an opportunity to present their plans for cooperation with Iran. At the same time, the strengths and weaknesses of Iran’s economy were addressed.
The attendance of Iranian senior officials in the meeting also indicated the fact that policymakers are making an attempt to show the economic and mineral potentials of Iran and at the same time to resolve investment restrictions.
Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, late Chairman of the Expediency Council, emphasized the relationship between IMIDRO and foreign companies in the meeting.
He stated that IMIDRO as an organization active in the field of policy-making and as a leader of Iran’s mining and industry sector is to submit the proposals, facilitating the foreign investment to the council.
The council, according to the Iranian constitution, is to develop macro policies in economic, social, political, and security areas.
In the summit held on December 10-11 in Tehran, Rafsanjani noted that foreign investment will be facilitated in the light of negotiation with foreign companies.
He asked IMIDRO to submit the proposals to the council, so that effective actions can be taken in this regards.
«The ground is prepared for the participation of domestic and overseas companies,» he noted.
In the event, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade announced that due to the recent amendment to the Mines Act introduced to the government, some minor restrictions affecting investment in the mining sector are lifted.