Energy Intensive Industrial Special Economic Zones and coal mine blast

This issue deals with Energy Intensive Industrial Special Economic Zones in the south coast of Iran and their role in the country’s economy.
The magazine was due to publish when the incident of coal mine occurred in Golestan province. Grievously, dozens of miners lost their lives and many were injured. The incident happened while Iran was on the verge of presidential and city council elections.
The blast in the mine prompted numerous speculations on the technical, educational and technological conditions of the mines in news headlines. Likewise, it revealed that the HSE programs need to be considered with greater focus and priority. Notwithstanding, there are other mines that are of low standard and in order to prevent such accidents, effective measures need to be undertaken.
Indeed, dealing with this issue requires a detailed report which will be covered in the coming issues of Mine & Business Today.
In this issue, a report on the mine incident is published and some of the aspects of the accident are addressed. In addition, there are some reports on the roles of Energy Intensive Industrial Special Economic Zones. Due to the proximity to the gas capital of the world, easy entry and exit of goods, plans for the construction of power plants, and exclusive ports and customs, the zones enjoy a considerable potential for investment, as well as the development of industries such as steel, aluminum, petrochemicals and others.
World oil and petrochemical giants have already initiated talks to set up a plant in Parsian zone.
Lamerd and Persian Gulf Special Economic zones also have the same features. Large-scale Aluminum and steel industries are located in PGSEZ and it has developed its own exclusive pier. PGSEZ is currently negotiating with various global companies to carry out new projects.
In this issue, some exclusive interviews with Finland’s ambassador in Tehran, CEO of INTECO and CEO of Iran Zinc Mines Development Company are presented.
Likewise, new statistical reports on various economic, mining and industrial sectors are included.